Please Pray for our VBS – July 9th to 13th

15 days of prayer

for the week of VBS

  • Pray that children and adults that need Jesus would come and hear God’s word with an open heart.

  • Pray that teachers would be well rested each night.

  • Pray that every person that enters this building feels God’s love through each person they encounter.

  • Pray that teachers find time to review their lessons for each night.

  • Pray that other demands would lighten while VBS workers commit time and strength to the demands of VBS.

  • Pray for counselors to be filled with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to help children understand their commitment to accepting Jesus as their Lord and savior.

  • Pray that all leaders will be a vessel of God’s love and knowledge.

  • Pray that the children will be bold in sharing what they learn daily.

  • Pray that all technology will work perfectly for registration, Music and other needs.

  • Pray that the fliers are read and bring encouragement for hurting people to come to find the love of Jesus at Wea Ridge.

  • Pray that Sunday’s kick-off party brings in the neighbors to have fun a register for VBS.

  • Pray that everyone stays healthy, safe and encouraged during VBS

  • Pray for great weather: perfect temperature, light to no rain, light breeze during game time.

  • Pray for stamina for the younger children who get tired before our evening is over.

  • Pray that the entire church body will work united as a team without complaints and worries knowing that God is our coach, referee, CEO, physical therapist, and cheerleader.




  • Ask God to give you the desire of His heart. Then share that desire with VBS.  (Karen 427-1971 director)