About Us

We invest our greatest energies in being and becoming these things:

A Place to Be Loved…

Wea Ridge Baptist Church is a family that loves and cares for one another.

A Place to Worship…

From the relevant Bible messages to the inspiring music, you will find a church that strengthens homes through worship.

A Place to Belong…

From newborns to seniors, Wea Ridge Baptist is a church where your whole family will feel at home.

At Wea Ridge, Everyone Is Welcome!

Every member of Wea Ridge Baptist church was a visitor at one time, and we remember what that experience was like. We believe you will find a very friendly and caring congregation that will do its best to make you feel welcome.

“Just as I am”

Just as the old song says, the Lord wants you to come to Him “just as you are.” There is no such thing as not being good enough to come to the Lord or to attend church. We believe if you are truly seeking the Lord and reaching out to Him he will reach out to you. We are here to help you develop your relationship with the Lord whatever your situation.

Dress Code

There is no dress code for attending Wea Ridge Baptist church. You don’t have to put on your “Sunday’s Best” just to come and worship the Lord with us. We do ask that you remember this is the Lord’s House and to please try to dress respectfully with that in mind.

No Pressure

We understand that different people are seeking different things from God and the church they attend. At Wea Ridge Baptist you won’t find any pressure to make a decision or commitment to join our church at any time. You are welcome to visit for as long and as often as you wish. If you should choose to join our church we would be happy to answer your questions and show you how. If not we are glad that you took the time to come and worship the Lord with us and we pray that you will find what you are seeking.